Scientific Journals On Advertising, Communication And Marketing

Scientific journals on advertising, communication and marketing

During my work I have been studying the panorama of scientific magazines about advertising, communication and marketing . If everything goes well, this Friday (September 28) I will defend my doctoral thesis and the path of academic research will open for me.Therefore, I have been finding out which are the main international scientific references in the fields that interest me: marketing, communication and advertising. I currently use for my marketing and advertising sales and studies. I also love to visit and use this link to learn how SEO helps to improve the online future.

If the website doesn’t mean the latest security compliance it can be blacklisted by Google, suffer from spam attacks or activities of malicious bots. will deploy security solutions like Comodo Endpoint Protection system to keep malware and hackers at bay. Of course, all this with special attention to Internet, technology and new media. With an interesting article from the Journal of Advertising I’ve updated the top 15 magazines that deal with the topics that interest me.



They are classified by area of ​​knowledge and based on two categories: on the one hand, well-established journals (referents) and, on the other, newly created journals specialized in the Internet or new media (specific). These are, in the opinion of the authors, the main scientific journals of advertising, communication and marketing(2006 ISI figures) this source will help you understand all the aspects. 

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  • Journal of Advertising (reference). Total citations (CT): 727. Index of impact (II): 0.667.
  • Journal of Advertising Research (reference). CT: 952. II: 0.478.
  • Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising(reference).
  • Journal of Interactive Advertising (specific).


  • Communication Research (reference). CT: 1179. II: 1.056.
  • Human Communication Research (reference). CT: 923. II: 1.372.
  • Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media (referent).
  • Journal of Communication (reference). CT: 1188. II: 1,159.
  • Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly (reference).
  • Journal of Computer-mediated Communication (specific).
  • New Media and Society (specific). [II: 0.988 (according to the Sage website )]


  • Journal of Marketing (reference). CT: 6396. II: 4.831.
  • Journal of Marketing Research (reference). CT: 5332. II: 2,389.
  • Journal of Consumer Research (reference). CT: 4596. II: 2.043. 
  • Journal of Interactive Marketing (specific). CT: 146. II: 1,457.

On the other hand, I have taken note of some other magazines that were not on this list but whose contents and relevance are interesting to me.

  • Marketing Science (referent). CT: 2159. II: 3,977.
  • Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing .

I have to say that scientific journals bring me a bittersweet flavor . On the one hand I share the idea that knowledge must be judged by your peers before offering scientific validity and dissemination in the community. However, on the other, it seems to me that the foundational ideas of scientific journals have become corrupted and their mechanisms become obsolete in our days in light of technological advances in communication and cooperation. Scientific journals contribute in many cases to “close” the knowledge whose mission is to spread. It is a pity because the research scales established in our days to judge university professors depend on the archaic mechanisms of journals. You can not do a research career outside a circuit that, in addition, forces us to participate in a language that is not ours.

Ref: What is digital signage communications?

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