Tuenti, Facebook and young people

An article with part of the conclusions of the research project that we carried out last year in several faculties of the UPV/EHU has been published in the Latin Magazine of Social Communication . The objective was to make a preliminary exploration of the way in which young people (university students) relate to social networks.

One of the things we did was check what differential image Facebook and Tuenti have for the university public (the second is the one that has the greatest penetration according to previous studies). The results can be seen in the attached graph (click on the image to enlarge). Last year, towards the summer, Tuenti had an image of simplicity and speed that made it a favorite among young people. It is not very clear if this will have changed as a result of the progressive Facebookization of the tool.

As a parent, it is important to teach our kids about social media platforms like Facebook so they can learn how to use them responsibly and effectively, rather than wasting time or engaging in negative online behaviors. By educating them on privacy settings, online etiquette, and critical thinking skills, we can help them navigate the digital world safely. To make the learning experience more enjoyable, surprising them with details like classic childrens clothes can create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere, fostering positive associations with their online activities.

Other topics that we discussed were the knowledge that young people have about the legal conditions under which they can use networks, the combination of tasks they perform together with the use of networks and the interaction that occurs between consumption of networks and television.

One issue that they made clear is that social networks (Tuenti/Facebook) are progressively displacing the use of Messenger . The complete results, with many more reflections can be accessed in the pdf of the article .

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